Friday, February 6, 2009


Now, this will be another blog aimed at our new 'Josh'. I would just like to let the world know, that she has decided to take a break from blogging *collective sigh of relief*. But, i do know that the chances of this are very small...We can hope though... I also know that she will no doubt read this. So is my message to you. You should take a look around, i am not the only one who was masquerading as your friend. And right now, Harrisson's name is running through your head, Yes? Well there are others, others who just dont have the balls to tell you to shut up, or that they really do not like you. So keep your eyes open, the hints are all there, look hard and smart enough and you should find pretty easily who your 'true' friends are, and i can tell you right now, i dont think any of them are in 1107. At least not the ones you think. And no...i am not shit stirring, i am just making it easier for them to tell you what they really think. So here is your chance people. Let her know...

I used to love you Louise, back when we were all as immature you, but seriously...Grow the fuck up.

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