Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I think i have kinda figured out the reason for my endless string of meaningless relationships with people who i know do not love me for me. I love you...we shall call you mr x, i have kind of know this for some time, but everytime i am doing anything with anyone i just think, god why couldn't this be mr x. I also know that it is incredibly cowardly of me not to tell you, but i just dont want to damage our friendship, you will never read this of course...I dont know, i really do love you though, i would do absolutley anything for you, and i meand anything. You really do mean the world to me... Ilysfmmf


  1. haii would you like to be added as an author to the staberfoyle blog, just comment back here with your email address and you'll be added, although you don't ever have to write on it, just if you want. just stories about ze hub, etc.

  2. also, gotta love feeling more for a friend than actual friend feelings /sigh

  3. hey, not sure who you are but i would love to. death_jr_emo@hotmail.com. i take it tht you are lari or something?