Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Mother is a Cow.

She has now decided, that instead of leaving my grandpa in hospital, where people who know how to look after sick people can do just that. That he should come home, and live with us. Which is no hassle really, except that i am left to babysit him -.- . This would also be fine if he wasnt an angry, German, 80-something year old man who is a walking heart attack waiting to happen. Dont get me wrong, i love him and all, i just dont think mum thought 'hmm, hes going to have a heart attack in front of my daughter, with nobody else home, that wouldnt be a traumatic experience for her to have in one of the most important years of her life.' Im probably being selfish, but i dont want to walk into the living room to ask if he wants dinner now to find him on the floor, not breathing and with no pulse. Mum doesnt see it that way though does she...


  1. No, that's not selfish. If I were in your position, I would have liked, locked him away in a room and left him there until your Mum came home, so she'd be the one to open it and possibly find his dead body.

    Now, that's selfish. :P

  2. LOL...thats hilarious. I spoke to her about it and said that if i loved him i would look after him. I glared at her and told her she was stupid.

  3. thats so not cool. im sorry, im sure you love your grandfather, but what the heck does she expect for you to do? how unhelpful would you be in the event of him having a heart attack? and how traumatic would it be for you if he did? thats so not fair.